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Affiliate Marketing Course


Confused where should to join for better digital marketing course.

Stop your searching! Digital expert company is a best IT service provider company in market.

Now there is a question why we take affiliate marketing service from digital expert company, instead lots of options are available for digital marketing in the market.

  • Digital expert company fulfills all the promises of customers.
  • What we say to our customers, we definitely do that.

Affiliate marketing –

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing. No doubt! Marketing is a very important part of business, if you want to generate more profit and maximum to maximum leads towards your product or services, you have to do the marketing of your business, it is must!

Why Affiliate marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is a great medium to publish business/brand on the website.
  • Affiliate marketing is pocket friendly.
  • With the help of proper affiliate marketing, any business can make profit, without much effort.
  • Affiliate marketing is done on internet, where millions of people available, internet is a large platform; promotion of business is easy on this platform.
  • It’s very important in any business that you have a proper control on all your business activity, no matter that business activity is small or large, affiliate marketing provides self control over all promotional activities.
  • With affiliate marketing with do promotional ads, these ads make visitors to our website.
  • Affiliate marketing increase business sales.

Benefits of using affiliate marketing in businesses:-

We all know that internet is all around the world, with the help of internet medium we can promote anything easily without any putting extra effort, just little effort, little knowledge about how to use internet for business marketing. In this way you, affiliate marketing is a type of internet marketing where we promote other people’s product or services.

  • With proper affiliate marketing program, we can also make traffic towards the business website.
  • By sales other people product and services with affiliate marketing, there are lots of chances to earn money online from the websites.
  • With the help of affiliate marketing we can track our business status, Are our product and services working for them or not?
  • Digital expert company is best place for affiliate marketing?

Digital expert company understand the requirements of customers very well, we work according to your goals and requirements.

Digital expert company is a best place to learn all the latest strategy for affiliate marketing:-

  • Digital expert company helps you in every step.
  • 100% result oriented plans.
  • Digital expert company use latest strategy in every project.
  • Expert guidelines.
  • Our services rate are reasonable, we don’t put heavy burden on the pockets of our customers.
  • Safe and effective method by professional experts.
  • Professional experts are well trained.

Digital expert company main target is to providing IT services that are reasonable, reliable, better quality, hassle free services, our professional experts put extra effort and work hard on the projects from start to end.

Course Curriculum

Affiliate Marketing Course Curriculum

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Types of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Management Agencies
  • Product & Service Marketing
  • How to sell your product or service through websites
  • Traffic from Affiliate Network
  • Commission Based Lead Generation


Training Institute Certificate


Students – Career Growth Opportunities

Professionals – Open gates for Multiple Industries

Business Owner – Business Growth Opportunities

Freelance – Earn Money Online/ Work From Home


Back Up Classes

Life Time Support

Flexible Class Timing


Job Assistance and Interview Scheduling

Course Components


Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Learn the Fundamentals of digital marketing along with
Complete understand of marketing process.

Website Planning, Designing
& Creation

Learn Plan & Build modern websites form

Search Engine Optimization

Start earning by doning SEO Jobs. Get Full Hand on experience.

Search Engine Marketing

Capablility to plan & run adwords campaign & generate

Display is Stronger Than Ever

Learn how to run flash, banner and various other form of advertisement
on third party websites

Soical Media Optimization

Master the art of building brands on social media.

Online Lead Generation

Master the art of generating lead online & converting them into
sales by creating landing pages.

Cyber laws

Study how to product your data & content online.

E-Mail Marketing

Plan & execute engaging e-mail campaigns to generate leads.

Mobile Marketing

Learn how to promote product service through mobiles?

Youtube Marketing

Generate leads, do brand building make movies & ads on youtube.

Google Analytics

Measure, Analyse and improve the performance of your online marketing

Google Adsense

Learn Secret Technique how makes thousands of dollars every month with
adsense and blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Pratical Knowledge about earning online by referrals.

Content Marketing

Learn how to build engaging content to attract customers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers & makes the
company easy to be found.

Conversion experts change minds

It’s critical to understand what can repel a customer.

E-Commerce Promotions

How to sell products on an e-commerce website.

Online Reputation Management

Why online reputation management is need of hour?

Earn Money as Freelancer

Practical tips on working as freelancer & earning upto 50K per

Become a Google Certified Professional

1 Training Program – 10 Certifications

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